Terms And Conditions

Dear All Value Customers

We please to inform and remind you that now there are some malicious gang hacked our website and e-mail data and refer stealthily to be our staff to contact to our customers who make the reservation via our website and they try to offer the promotion and force the customers to settle the oversea payment by online services such as the WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM.

We, Phuket Thai Cookery School have opened since 2003 and we never request any customers to settle online payment. Our only settling payment is just PAY ON THE DAY at our cooking school with our cashier, except the big private group reservation that we need the deposit but the account name will be only our boss “Ms.Kulchaya Wongpong”, not any others.

Please note that our correctly e-mail address is phuketthaicookery@gmail.com (double check that the character of “T” must have 2T as -tt-)

We please to inform you that our new e-mail address is info@phuketthaicookery.com (double check that the character of “T” must have 2T as -tt-)

We are so sorry to the customers who faced to this problem situation so we are now on the sue process and we could not take any responsibility for all victims.

Any information please do not hesitate to contact us at telephone call

    Call +66 824746592, +66 981966393, +66 992985636

    Fax +66 76 219 761

    info@phuketthaicookery.com, phuketthaicookery@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and always trustworthiness in our service.

Yours faithfully,
The Management Team
Phuket Thai Cookery School